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We build race-proven high tech bicycles, and are the only recumbent maker to set world records with a production bike (our P-38 model with optional F-40 fairing). Lightning recumbents have traveled from Los Angeles to New York in 5 days, won the Abbot, Paul Mitchell, and STP Challenge Prizes, and have set over 20 world records. In addition to being fast, the modern integrated Lightning design delivers a bicycle that is also much more comfortable, safer and faster than ordinary “upright” designs. For over 25 years, thousands of Lightning owners have enjoyed them for recreational riding, touring and commuting. For more information on what’s special about Lightning, see our Racing Heritage, Media Coverage, and Company Information pages.

Unlike most bicycles sold today, Lightning recumbent bicycles are based on a modern, high-tech integrated design, resulting in a bicycle that is

  • Three times more comfortable (some customers say 100 times!)
  • Twice as safe
  • 30% faster
  • Much more fun

While recumbents are becoming more and more popular, only Lightning has a decades-long history of building record breaking recumbents for cycling enthusiasts around the world. All Lightnings are designed by top aerospace engineers, thus taking cycling out of 100 years of dark age design, and into modern NASA-like engineering. As a result, Lightning bikes have earned over 20 world records. You say you’re not a racer? Well, just as the space program produced technologies useful for ordinary automobiles, we’ve taken what we’ve learned from demanding race bike engineering, and applied it to the full range of Lightning bikes. Additionally, to ensure top quality, Lightnings are hand built at our modern facilities in California by skilled craftsman who have decades of experience constructing and operating jet aircraft, space satellites, and large rockets.

You’ll find that Lightning bikes offer the best combination of

  • High performance
  • Engineering excellence
  • Time-proven durability
  • Unbeatable value

If you would like to leverage our extensive capabilities in your own products, check out CycleDyn Fabrication.

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A Titan launch vehicle lifts off with 3 million pounds of thrust! This is what we did before starting Lightning cycles.
Titan launch vehicle taking off

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