Lightning Carbon Cranks

The Lightest Integral Crankset and Bottom Bracket assembly

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“I just wanted to follow up and show you the Shiv I built up with the 165 cranks […] You make the best crank on the market, hands down. Funny how you've been at it for so long, and still no one has caught up to you.” — Nick Salazar, Specialized Shiv with Lightning carbon cranks
“California-made Lightning cranks were the preferred choice due to their stiffness and low weight. The cranks are also compatible with most of the bottom bracket designs on the market, including the PressFit 30 used on Calfee’s exquisite bottom bracket lug.” — Road Bike Action magazine (PDF) RBA's Project Gravel with Lightning Carbon Cranks

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Check out our spyders, chainrings, bottom bracket cups, and bearings, too.

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Crank type / spyder Weight w/chainrings (grams)* Q Factor (mm) Chainline (mm)
None Extralite BOR e-shift
Road 110 BCD 395 500 540 150 43.5
Road 130 BCD 405   555 150 43.5
  None Extralite SRAM  
MTB XO 104/64 440 520 24×38 – 550 175 outside,
140 inside
48 double
50 triple
MTB XX1 420   34t — 450 162 or 174 49
Tandem 130/74 865     162 (130/135 rear axle)
175 (145 rear axle)
45 (130/135 rear axle)
53 (145 rear axle)

* Weights shown for SL 170mm arms, BB86/90/91/95 bottom bracket. Add for the following alternate parts:

Arm lengths 160, 162.5, 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, 180, 182.5, 185, 190mm
Bottom Bracket BSA (English), 68mm (Road) or 73mm (MTB), Italian threads, BB30, BB86/BB91, BB90/BB95, Press Fit 30, OSBB, BB Right, EVO386.
Available spyders 110, 130, and 94 double, 130×74 road triple, 64×104 reversible double or triple, SRAM XX1 single

Key features


Road 130 spyder with BOR chainrings Road 130 spyder with BOR chainrings
Road 110 spyder with 7075 chainrings Road 110 BCD spyder with 7075 chainrings
MTB crank with reversible 64/104 spyder, Blackspire chainrings, and rubber end caps MTB crank with reversible 64/104 spyder can be set up for either 2×9/10 double or 3x9/10 triple
MTB crankset with SRAM XX1 spyder, chainring, and rubber end cap MTB crank with reversible 64/104 spyder can be set up for either 2×9/10 double or 3x9/10 triple
MTB rubber end cap
Lightning tandem crankset

Full set

Lightning tandem crankset

Rear tandem crank

Lightning tandem crankset rears

Long bearing cup is for 145mm rear dropout spacing/53mm chainline. Can be ordered with different size rear spyders, for example 130 BCD timing side, 110 BCD final drive.

Coupling details Coupling details
Enduro ceramic bearing upgrade Enduro ceramic bearing upgrade
Powertap C1 power measuring chainrings Powertap C1 power measuring chainrings

How Lightning stacks up against the competition

Weight comparisons
Manufacturer Model Total system weight (g)
Thm Clavicula Classic (2014) 540.8
Lightning Lightning Carbon (2015) 548.2
Thm Clavicula M3 (2014) 579.9
Cannondale SISL2** (2014) 609.4
FSA SL-K Light (2015) 651.6
Specialized SWorks** (2015) 663.2
Sram Red22 (2014) 667.4
Campagnolo Comp Ultra (2015) 669.8
FSA Kforce Lite (2015) 672.3
Campagnolo Record UT Carbon (2014) 674.8
Campagnolo Super Record (2015) 678.3
Shimano Dura Ace 9000 (2014) 698.0
Sram Force22 (2014) 782.3
Praxis Zayante (2015) 828.8
Campagnolo Record (2006) 894.7

** Fits only BB30/PF30 frames.

Source: Fairwheel Bikes

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Customer feedback

“The Lightning shifting was actually better (with Stronglight Zephyr rings, 50/36 and Red FD) than it was on my Campag Ultra torque non-compact set-up: shifting between rings was a little quicker and I never dropped the chain off the inside, which happened very occasionally with the Campag.” — Graham B.

“When I spend a good deal of money on something, my philosophy is that I had better see and feel a difference right away. That’s exactly what happened with the cranks. Straight away I knew they were so much more efficient and faster. The first ride was a 30 mile out-and-back ride. I know all the time checks at the various points and know my best times there. At the 20 minute mark I was 1 minute faster. At the 30 minute mark I was 90 seconds faster. At the 15 mile turnaround point I was 3 minutes faster!

“I averaged 19 mph at the end and I think my best average before was 18.3. All this without trying to hammer and go faster. I guess the efficiency and weight savings did it all. So far I have done 3 rides and am amazed each time I ride it. It feels like I have a continuous tail wind. One of the Cat 3 dudes tried to shake me off his wheel twice going to the finale and he couldn’t drop me. I was holding on without too much effort. Just amazing! My hat’s off to Lightning. Thanks.” — James

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