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Carbon cranks

Carbon cranks 2x9 Carbon cranks 130 BCD Carbon cranks 530 grams Carbon cranks Bartolo Anatra Carbon cranks on P-38 Carbon cranks on tririg P5 Carbon cranks on tririg Shiv Carbon cranks William von Kaenel tandem Carbon cranks with BOR chainrings Carbon cranks with bottom bracket chainrings and mounting hardware Carbon cranks with SRAM XX1 Carbon cranks without logo Carbon crankset coupler Carbon crankset on the scale


e-Lightning at Interbike 2010 e-Lightning folded e-Lightning in black and white e-Lightning


F-40 and P-38 comparison F-40 Bill Hannon's F-40 Bob Krzewinski racing F-40 Carl Murdock compares quest 1 F-40 Carl Murdock compares quest 2 F-40 Carl Murdock compares quest 3 F-40 Carl Murdock F-40 cool blue F-40 Doug's new commuting bike F-40 Doug's new F-40 flaming Joe Martin F-40 Frank Raineri F-40 Gary Bernstein F-40 homebrew by Chris and Alyce Broome with Coroplast F-40 Jason Wolfe F-40 Ken Lebold takes a winter ride F-40 Ken Leibold in Wisconsin F-40 Paul Gracey drag racing his Coroplast body F-40 receding F-40 strip tease F-40 Texas in yellow F-40 three on the bike path F-40 Tyger Johnson and Richard Nicodemus at Northbrook F-40 Tyger Johnson fans F-40 Tyger Johnson the racing maniac F-40 Tyger Johnson's F-40 unzipped F-40 Wally at Ford next to streamliner F-40 Wally Kiehler F-40 Wally Kiehler's next to carbon low racer F-40 Wally Kiehler's partially undressed F-40 Wally's bike fully dressed F-40 Waterford pair F-40 with Andreas at Interlaken F-40 with Tyger Johnson 1 F-40 with Tyger Johnson 2 F-40 with Tyger Johnson 3


F-90 at FC508 with Tim Woudenberg and Michael Wolfe F-90 Bob Fourney during RAAM 1998


Handcycle bare chromoly frame Handcycle faired Handcycle hand pedals Handcycle in action Handcycle rear view Handcycle unfaired Handcycle

Lightning Cycle Dynamics

LCD at Recumbent Cycle Con 2011 LCD company picnic LCD drilling operation LCD machining area LCD master mechanic Bob LCD office with Bryan Cooke LCD office with Tim Brummer LCD powder coating area LCD Tim Brummer designer and builder of Lightning recumbents LCD welding area


Midracer closeup Interbike Show 2010 Midracer P-38 Michi Midracer P-38 right front Midracer P-38 side view in the studio Midracer P-38 side view in the wild Midracer P-38 Midracer Phantom left front Midracer Phantom Midracer seat attachment detail Midracer sideview Interbike Show 2010 Midracers Interbike Show 2010


P-38 20 inch racing fork very tight clearance between tire and fork crown P-38 30th Anniversary model P-38 and Julia P-38 and Lightning shorts P-38 Andy's pickup truck P-38 bare chromoly frame P-38 Becky's bike with Streamer front fairing and tailsock P-38 Becky's new bike P-38 Ben Fox early vintage P-38 Ben Fox tailsock P-38 Ben Fox vintage frame minus paint P-38 Ben Fox vintage frame with new red paint P-38 Ben Fox with shockster P-38 Ben Treen P-38 Carol Shaw P-38 Carolyn Trimble P-38 Chris Broome next to car 1 P-38 Chris Broome next to car 2 P-38 Crash Dog's midracer 1 P-38 Crash Dog's midracer 2 P-38 Del Cross front section P-38 Del Cross full view P-38 Del Cross rear section P-38 Dennis Taves' bike with mid drive and rear suspension P-38 Eric Warps Warp Drive with Coroplast and Zzipper fairings P-38 fitted with S and S frame couplers P-38 frame building P-38 Gary Bernstein aero bike and helmet P-38 Gary Bernstein P-38 Gerard's wheel covers P-38 Howard Gilbert's modified front brake noodle P-38 Howard Gilbert's swoopy handlebars P-38 Ian with trailer P-38 in silver P-38 J Czarnek racing in Texas P-38 Joe Imm in South Korea P-38 Joel Dickman P-38 Kenneth Evan's old P-38 Martin seat detail P-38 Martin P-38 mid drive detail P-38 on training rollers P-38 Paul W aluminum tail frame P-38 Paul W homebrewed tailsock P-38 pre and post 1996 frame comparison P-38 rear derailleur P-38 retro with Easy Racer-ish seat owned by Jeff Wills P-38 Rich Kara and wife in France 2 P-38 Rich Kara and wife in France 3 P-38 Rich Kara and wife in France P-38 Rylee happily riding a small P-38 success breeds imitators P-38 Sue Yocom P-38 underseat steering detail P-38 underseat steering homebrewed P-38 underseat steering rod detail P-38 Wendy Sparks P-38 with Carbon cranks P-38 with Dan Taves P-38 with Dan the randonneur P-38 with disc brakes P-38 with egg fairing P-38 with electric assist and fairing P-38 with electric assist close up P-38 with electric assist control close up P-38 with electric assist controls P-38 with electric assist detail P-38 with electric assist P-38 with fairing and tailbox from Paul P-38 with front disc detail P-38 with front disc P-38 with front disk close up P-38 with large Zzipper fairing in snow P-38 with mid drive P-38 with Mueller front fairing and cloth body sock P-38 with Scott Macri P-38 with small Zzipper fairing P-38 with TerraCycle idler P-38 with V-brake P-38 with very new Zzipper fairing P-38 XT for 2013 P-38 XT with disc brakes P-38 XT with panniers P-38 xtrracycle pickup truck


Phantom and Kristen Phantom custom with sidecar for Andreas 1 Phantom custom with sidecar for Andreas 2 Phantom for Hansi Phantom from 2002 Phantom from 2007 Phantom Greg Raven accepts delivery from Tim Brummer Phantom in blue left front Phantom in blue right side view Phantom Jim Foerster Phantom John O'Neal Phantom Larry Guevaras Blue Angel Phantom Peder Torgersen's with Streamer front fairing and tailsock Phantom Peders bodysock Phantom Peders with Coroplast fairing Phantom right front Phantom seat mount detail Phantom with Bryan Cooke at Recumbent Cycle Con 2011 Phantom with RAAM tensioner


Quad at Interbike 2010 Quad left rear Quad outriggers at Interbike 2010 Quad right front Quad right side


R-84 2007 from new molds R-84 Barclay Brown R-84 green bay 1 R-84 green bay 2 R-84 green bay 3 R-84 green bay 4 R-84 green bay 5 R-84 green bay 6 R-84 green bay 7 R-84 Mike Jones R-84 Performance midracer R-84 Pete's with 24 inch front wheel R-84 RAGBRAI with tinted Zzipper fairing R-84 rear triangle detail R-84 Wally Kiehler's new bike R-84 with Carbon cranks


Stealth Charles Dibella's touring bike Stealth with underseat steering and rear hub gears Stealth with underseat steering close up


T-38 tandem from the Broome collection T-38 tandem


Thunderbolt from 2002 Thunderbolt in grape Thunderbolt Mike Kapala's Thunderbolt


U-2 and Moriarty 1 U-2 and Moriarty 2 U-2 for Bram Moens U-2 from the Broome collection U-2 modified M5 U-2 Tim Brummer


Voyager Larry's at bridge Voyager Larry's with custom paint Voyager Susan Reed's Voyager under construction Voyager

White Lightnings

White Lightning at Ontario Speedway White Lightning in the wind tunnel White Lightning the Abbott prize winner


X-2 by canal X-2 head on X-2 is the fastest X-2 leaning into a turn X-2 opened up lying on side X-2 opened up X-2 Pete's Portland-to-Seattle run X-2 Sandro Bollina X-2 Sandro Bollinas on the right X-2 Sandro crossing finish line X-2 vs gold rush X-2 jQuery Image Gallery by v5.3m

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