What customers say about the e-Lightning …

“I’ve had my e-Lightning for a few months now and I thought it was time to tell you how totally satisfied I’ve been with both the bike itself and the service that came with it.

“I live in a senior community and there are lots of bikes (and trikes) on the road. My e-Lightning has been invaluable in getting me around the place (a square mile) with no fuss, no muss and lots of admiring comments. I charge it about once a week or so and have no complaints about battery life. True, on uphills, pedaling is required, but the little motor is amazing for its size. Even nicer, I can lift it easily and put it in the back of the car and, at 83, this is not true for many electrics.

“Thank you for your product and may you sell a batch of them!!”

Dick Brandlon

“Very happy with the e-bike. The e-motor assists during regular pedaling, and goes into 2nd gear when the button is pressed.”

“Seems quite easy to pedal around town.”

“The semi-folding design is nice. It’s easy to put in the back of my car, and I imagine it would be convenient to take on a train, or other mass transit. The bike is a dream to ride on the flats, I like the way it accelerates, and the top speed is fine. But the moment you start going up a hill you need to pedal or it bogs down.”