Lightning F-90

The World’s Fastest Bicycle

The F-90 is the most advanced custom racing bicycle Lightning makes. This amazing machine has broken records and bested bikes in classes above its own.

F-90 chassis
Lightning F90

The latest version of this machine as used in RAAM 2004 uses the R-84 frameset with Lightning carbon cranks, 33 to 160 inch gear range, and disc brake. The fairing is an exotic Kevlar composite nose and hard shell tail section with Kevlar and Mylar sailcloth middle section. The sailcloth does not stretch like Spandex but can still be pulled tight to approximate a full hard shell fairing. It also incorporates zippers for entry, exit, and cooling. The final component is a long windshield which tilts forward for entry and exit, or visibility in poor conditions. The long windshield can be replaced with an short windshield for hot rides or foggy/rainy conditions. The separate short windshield is included with the F-90. The windshields pop on and off with a single quick release pin.

The F-90 is a super fast machine that can be ridden on the street (with a mirror), plus only weighs 30 pounds for fast climbing! The extreme performance of this machine is not for the faint hearted or slow reacting. If you have The Right Stuff and $14,000, you can have the fastest bike in your state!

Obviously, aerodynamics are important on flat and down-hill sections, but aerodynamics can play an important role on moderate hills and rollers. Check out Gerry Pease’s analysis of the balance between aerodynamics and weight.

See our F-90 racing page for more about this fabulous machine.

F-90 prices and ordering information

Complete bike, with Kevlar/sailcloth fairing and racing windshield $14,000

Accessory prices and ordering information

See also our Accessories page.

Handlebar bag (Black, Blue, Red) $30
Slip on seat bag, 700 cubic inches (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Safety Orange) $85
Hydrapack hydration bladder, 1.5 liter $42
Chainring disc only $22
Chainring disc and chain guard tube $45
Cycle computer with cadence, Astrale $70
Fenders, Planet Bike $65
Kickstand, for Phantom and P-38 $28
Mirrycle mirror, brake lever mount $50
Rear rack $50
Panniers, 2,000 cubic inches (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Safety Orange) $380
Pedal Extenders: decrease front wheel/heel interference $30
Quick Adjust Kit/Chain Tensioner: allows full crank movement without adjusting chain $80
Shorts (Small, Med, Large, XL) $78
T-Shirts (Small, Med, Large, XL) $10
Zzipper Fairing $380

California residents add sales tax of 8.25%

Shipping information

Bicycles are 90% assembled and shipped by UPS Ground 48 states.

Item Amount
Recumbent frameset or complete bike $120
Complete F-40 or F-90 with fairing $250

Payment information

The full amount is payable when the order is placed by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), money order, or personal check. For credit card orders, mail, or phone in the credit card info.