Buying a Lightning frameset

If you’re an experienced bicycle mechanic, you may want to start with a Lightning frameset and add the components of your choice to build the bike of your dreams. Be sure to read the following information carefully; not all components on the market will work on Lightning frames. Many builders prefer to buy the specialized components such as brake levers from us, and then add the components that don’t require modification.

Lightning P-38 frameset

What’s in a Lightning frameset?

A Lightning frameset includes:

  • Frame, fork, and headset
  • Seat
  • Stem and clamp
  • Handlebars
  • Chain idlers and chain guide
  • Bottom Bracket extension

(See special notes on the R-84, and F-40 below)

What components can I add?


Lightning framesets come with disc brakes mounts for 160 mm rotors, except the Phantom rear wheel is 180 mm. If you want to use other types of brakes let us know we can probably accommodate them.

Brake Levers: Touring or Mountain type levers are best choices for optimal hand position. We use Tektro levers, modified to fit the curve of the Lightning drop handlebar. You can order these modified brake levers from us or get them from one of our dealers. We also include instructions for modifying the levers yourself if you wish to do this.


A 1¼-inch clamp-on front derailleur is needed.

Handlebars and shifters

Handlebars are available in either a drop or V style. Drop style is standard, for use with bar-end (sometimes called barcon) shifters. V style is normally used with grip shift and rapid-fire shifters. Some riders have also used wide road handlebars with dual control integrated brake levers/shifters.

Drop handlebars. Components not included.
drop handlebars
V bars. Components not included.
V bars


See the individual spec sheets for information on the exact wheel size used on each Lightning model.

Note on 20-inch wheels: there are multiple wheel sizes all referred to as 20-inch. We use the 406 mm (actually about 18½ inches) wheel.

Frame specs


  • BB shell threading is English.
  • Rear dropouts are 135 mm.


  • BB86 (Shimano press fit) BB shell.
  • Rear dropout spacing is 135 mm.

Frameset ordering

Please go to the page for the model you are interested in for color choices, sizes, and options. You can see the pricing and options in the associated web store box.

For any desired parts and accessories please go our online store.

Special notes

F-40 Chassis

There isn’t really an F-40 frameset. The F-40 chassis is a complete, rideable bike, except that it doesn’t include pedals. It also has a rear wheel cover. Components are exactly what is listed on the spec sheet for F-40. The chassis is basically the F-40 without the fairing assembly.

The F-40 uses the same frameset as the P-38, with the suspended fork including V-brake braze-ons, plus rear disc brake and front fairing mount braze-ons. So, if you wanted to build up an F-40 from the ground up, you could order a P-38 frameset with the suspended fork and special F-40 fairing braze-ons, then order the F-40 fairing assembly separately. Any questions, please call or write.