Modifying P-38 seat stays for carbon seat

In order to install the Lightning carbon seat on existing P-38 frames, the top of the seat stays need to be cut down. Perform the following steps to accomplish this:

  1. Mark 3 inches down from top of existing seat stays (see photo #1).
    measure twice, cut once
  2. Cut top of seat stay off at the mark using a tubing cutter or hacksaw. (see photo #2).
    cutting the seat stay
  3. You may want to protect the paint with tape.
  4. Remove any burrs from the top of the seat stay.
  5. Drill the top of the seat stays using a size W (.386) size drill bit. Drill very slowly and carefully, otherwise the bit could catch in the stay and damage it.
    drilling the seat stay
  6. Lightly tap the threaded insert about ⅛-inch deep into the top of the seat stay.
  7. Apply Super Glue adhesive around the insert, then immediately hammer it fully into the stay before the glue sets.
    apply the Super Glue
    seat the insert
  8. After the glue sets, the stays are ready for seat installation.