Lightning U-2 wins at USCF Time Trials

Tim Brummer, designer and creator of Lightning’s amazing bicycles, has done it again! Tim was out to prove that Lightning recumbents can beat regular upright bikes, even in a highly competitive event like a National Level USCF time trial. Recumbents are legal in USCF time trials as long as they measure less than 2m in length and have no aerodynamic devices installed.

Tim competed at the USCF Record Challenge held in Moriarty, New Mexico, against some of the top riders in the USA. Almost all USA National Records have been set at this on this flat, straight, high altitude course. Tim finished first in the 45-50 age group, beating former MTB national Champion Ned Overend, and was 5th overall out of the 60 male competitors! Only 4 riders (in their 20s and 30s) went faster. Tim finished the 40k in 52:22 — an average speed of 28.5 mph.

U-2 racing at Moriarty, NM

Tim reports that overall, times were slow this year due to a headwind which picked up on the return leg, otherwise he might have been able to set a National Record. The current record for his age group, set by former Olympic rider Kent Bostick, is 49:57.

Tim performed this amazing feat riding a Lightning U-2, which is a model built specifically for USCF time trials. This model includes custom unique features such as a mono blade aero tubing fork, solid carbon seat with headrest, and disc wheel covers.

Now banned by USCF

It appears that Tim beat so many upright bikes out there, even some ridden by famous riders, that the USCF had to revise their rules to prevent him or anyone from doing it again:

Recumbents may not be raced in USCF races unless there is a separate race for this category of bicycle, and then may be used only in that category. (USCF Rules)

Of course, you can still go out and do it to your local club riders! Not that we encourage such blatant competition — much!

U-2 racing at Moriarty, NM

Even though you can no longer buy a Lightning U-2, you can get most of the same speed benefits from one of our other models.