Lightning riders

Bob Steele

Here is a nice photo and letter from a long-time P-38 owner:


About 6 months ago my trusty 20+ year old P-38 broke at the head tube lug. I live in a rural area and Oklahoma country roads can be rough so the eventual failure of the frame was not totally a surprise since I ride a lot.

The Bicycle Store in Oklahoma City disassembled and shipped my frame back to you for possible repair. The frame was repaired and beautifully repainted. The seat frame was replaced along with the handlebar/stem due to corrosion and loss of powder coating. The Bicycle Store did an outstanding job of cleaning (ultrasonic) and reassembling my bike.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with both the repair by Lightning and the cleanup/reassembly by The Bicycle Store. The total cost was not cheap but fair. Everything about this experience exceeded my expectations especially after I was sure the frame was beyond hope when I made that long walk home on the day the frame broke. Now I feel like I’m riding a new bike.

Thanks again for the outstanding service.

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