Lightning riders

Sue Yocom

Here I am at Death Valley just about a week ago. We rode about 325 miles, climbed over 18,000 feet in 5 days and the P-38 performed beautifully. It is stable going on fast down hills, on the steep up hills I was sometimes wobbly but contribute some of that to my inexperience on the bike and not have ridden at all this year and testing myself on difficult conditions even for the end of the year … Oh, ya, we saw a Phantom jet while riding along early one morning … that was cool. At one point it turned and it was completely invisible … amazing plane.

Sue Yokum on her Lightning P-38

I just got off the Colorado Rocky Mountain bike tour: 493 miles, two centuries, two passes over 12,000 ft, 2 passes over 9,000 ft, and one over 8,000. By the end of the ride, people were starting to ask questions about the P-38. It out performed many of the ‘regular’ bikes. I was able to keep up on almost every climb and had a blast passing on the downhill, the headwinds, and the flats. — Sue Yocom via Facebook

Sue Yocom and her P-38

Thanks Tim for getting the carbon cranks to me in time to use them on this ride. They are sweet. — Sue Yocom via Facebook

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