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Roaring Tyger Johnson

Tyger Johnson the racing maniac
Tyger Johnson the racing maniac

In June 1996 at a local race, 59-year old Tyger was at his highest speed when he was going down hill at over 58 miles per hour. Almost every two months we get a winning report from Tyger. This year, at HPRA racing events, Tyger finished first 5 times, was second 6 times, and came in third 3 times. He also set a new course record for the Firehouse 50 mile time trial in Grandview, Wis. His time of 1 hour, 51 minutes was 14 minutes faster than the best upright cyclist.

Because of all this, we call him The Racing Maniac. So when you are on the road in Illinois or its neighboring states, if you see a blue Spaceship F-40 which has a Racing Maniac decal on it, please give him a friendly wave.

These photos were taken by Hal Barnhart during a visit to Tyger’s place in Dakota, IL, this past summer. The fourth photo was snapped at 49 mph. Go Tyger!

Tyger Johnson
A few of Tyger’s fans
Tyger Johnson
The man himself
Tyger Johnson
Tyger Johnson
Tyger Johnson and Richard Nicodemus at Northbook

Here are some of Tyger’s racing results …

Year Event Distance Time MPH
1999 Wisport Series, Grandview, WI, Firehouse 40 Road Time Trial 50 miles 1:44 28.8
2000 Cherry Valley, IL Time Trial 30 km 39:11 28.5
2000 Wisport Series, Oregon, WI, Atkins Road Time Trial 20 km 26:25 28.2
2006 Great Carroll County Bike Race 66 miles 2:54:37.9 22.6
2006 QCBC 40K TT 40 km 49:18 30.2
2007 Great Carroll County Bike Race 66 miles 2:55:58.6 22.5

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