Disassembling and packing your Lightning P-38 Voyager

Each P-38 Voyager comes with printed instructions to guide your disassembly and packing. These videos should make the process even easier.



Disassembly and packing instructions

Disassembly step-by-step

Disassembling the P-38 Voyager is simple and requires almost no tools at all. We even supply an Allen wrench and the special wrench for the frame couplers.

  1. Remove the pedals using an Allen wrench (included)
  2. Separate chain using no-tool quick link and wind chain up on crankset
  3. Flip boom quick-release levers, undo front derailleur cable, and slide out the boom, leaving cranks and bottom bracket intact
  4. Remove the seat and separate into two halves using an Allen wrench (included)
  5. Install padding
  6. Rotate the chain cage
  7. Unbolt the rear derailleur from frame using an Allen wrench (no need to undo cable)
  8. Remove the wheels
  9. Install plastic protectors in the wheels, and plastic spacers in the drop-outs
  10. Remove the cables from the cable stops on the front section of the frame
  11. Flip quick release to free steering stem
  12. Separate frame couplings using special wrench (included)
  13. Install the front frame covers

Packing step-by-step

  1. Place the rear wheel in the lid. If you have a 700C rear, let the air out of the tire first. The front wheel goes in the bottom of the case
  2. Position the seat halves
  3. Nest two halves of frame (along with the stem and fork) into each other, and place in case
  4. Nest the bottom bracket assembly in the frame
  5. You’re done!