Lightning riders

Dan Hansen, Jr.

“The bike is ready for coast2coast in March. Although, the engine still needs a lot of work.

“It is the small frame R-84. Upgraded to 10-speed components, longer boom, lightweight carbon fiber wheels, longer straight handlebar stem.

“Decked out, as pictured, this R-84 is right at 20 pounds.

“It is a very smooth ride with the front and rear shocks rebuilt.

Reading through the various crazyguyonabike blogs I was able to piece together a pretty good schedule for my Coast 2 Coast ride this spring.


Check Dan’s website for updates on his 2017 tour.

Several weeks ago I ordered a new Lightning Dynamics F-40. Last week while traveling thru CA I stopped in at Lightning Dynamics’ factory for a quick tour. Got to meet Tim Brummer and see parts of my F-40 being built.

F-40 nose
My new F-40 at home!
At Lake Georgetown

Dan Hansen Jr. has a great website featuring lots of F-40 ride reports, photos, and videos.

For a forum for questions and sharing ideas, visit the P-38 page on Facebook.